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Open Positions



The research conducted at our group crosses the conventional disciplinary borders - we work at the interface between physics, biology and biochemistry. 

FOR Master or Bachelor Students 

Students from Vilnius University who are interested in completing their master's or bachelor's projects at our group are very welcome. The project would be truly interdisciplinary - characterizing biological (proteins and their aggregates) or non-biological (sollar cells e.g. perovskite) samples using various spectroscopical techniques. No previous experience is required, although some knowledge about spectroscopy is preferred (infrared? vibrations? - does that sound familiar?) If you are interested, fill in the form at the bottom of this page and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

PhD positions 

Admission to doctoral studies at FTMC is organized every year in May-June (studies would start the same year in October). Currently we do not have any open positions for PhD, but if you would like to pursue a PhD in our group, contact us through the form below. After a discussion with you, we will arrange the open PhD position for the coming May-June to which you can then apply.

PostDoc positions

More information coming soon.

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